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Winter Wonderland

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Before we know it the winter wedding season will be here! At Amelishan bridal we cannot help but be excited about all of the creative ways to make your wedding a winter wonderland! Not to mention, our staff has a couple tips and tricks for you to remember on your wintery wedding day!

If you are getting married in Wisconsin, it is no secret that our winter season can be frigidly cold! As romantic as it would be to have wedding pictures taken in Wisconsin’s winter wonderland, it is important to be fashionably warm! Rather than throwing on a regular jacket, how darling would it be to wear your fiancés tuxedo jacket, or a fur!

Without a doubt your wedding will be a winter wonderland, but Amelishan has come up with a few darling ideas to create a lovely way to make your reception worth melting for.

1. Hot Chocolate Bar

No matter what your age, if you enjoy chocolate… almost everyone loves to sip on a cup of hot cocoa when the winter months begin. How lovely would it be to include this treat at your reception! There are so many different ways to make your hot chocolate bar unique! 

There are so many different condiments you could offer – candy canes, marshmallows, cookie sticks, sprinkles, caramels, m and m’s, and of course you cannot forget the whipped cream! 


2. Cookie Making

Everyone knows winter season is cooking making season! If you aren’t a cake person, cookies may be the perfect solution for you! Rather than having a station to make cookies, because that may get a little messy… have cookies and decorations taken to each table! Toppings can be put out at each table too! What better way make your wedding stand out and allow our guests a little creativity! Plus your guests will have something to munch on all night long if they’d like!

3. Sparklers

Even though not everyone loves snow, it is undeniable that the first snow fall of the year is always beautiful. The way that the snow glistens in the sun and the moonlight is absolutely stunning. To add a little fun to the send off Amelishan loves the idea of a sparkler send off! The sparks will reflect so delicately off the snow and will make for great pictures! Not to mention, sparklers always bring out the child within! This is such a wonderful way to get your guests of all ages involved in your wedding.



4. Pinecone Fire Starters

What better way to say thanks to your guests than an adorable festive fire starter! Being the winter season, it is no secret that Wisconsin is not always the warmest. On a blistery day nothing is better than getting cuddled up next to a fire with a good book or movie! Not only are they adorable but when they burn they will smell wonderful! 


5. Decorating

The winter season is full of so many beautiful things -- snow, ornaments, pinecones, snowmen, the list could go on and on! Having a winter wedding allows you to really utilize these beautiful things to pull your winter wedding together! Rather than using a regular table holder for numbers you can use winter themed things! How cute are these?

Planning a winter wedding is a little different because there are some things you have to worry about that summer weddings don’t! Amelishan’s staff has come up with a few tips for our Brides on their wintery wedding day!

  • Shoes! You may need to bring an extra pair of shoes! If you are traveling from one place to another on your wedding day you do not want to ruin or get salt on your gorgeous shoes! Bring a pair of snow boots or waterproof boots to keep your feet warm and wedding shoes safe!
  • Have fun with your winter accessories! Since it is winter, you are able to bundle up – furs, boots, scarves, mittens, hats – all would be beautiful in pictures and such a fun gift for your wedding party!
  • Remember, snowstorms can mean traffic delays! Be prepared for a snowstorm or bad driving conditions! You never know what Mother Nature has in plan! Perhaps have a backup plan if the wedding does affect travel!
  • Keep an open mind about travel options for you and your fiancé! Perhaps you can take a cute carriage ride to the reception, with something to keep you warm of course! Don’t feel like you need to be limited to a car or limo! The winter allows so many fun options for travel!

Amelishan hopes that your winter wedding is a magical as the relationship of you and your fiancé! There are so many different ideas that can be included to make your wedding sparkle, but these just happen to be a few of our favorite!

Happy Winter Wedding Planning! 


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