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Perfect Pallet

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Finding the right colors for your wedding is one of the most exciting parts about planning. Picking the perfect pallet is going to help set the theme of your wedding which will make shopping for your dress and other essential items a little easier!

Amelishan Bridal carries the largest selection in the Milwaukee area of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. With multiple vendors to select from, finding the perfect color and bridesmaid dress for your girls should be a breeze! Between the many vendors that Amelishan carries in bridesmaid dresses, there are over 40 different colors to choose from to match your wedding pallet perfectly!

If you are looking for a soft pink to complement your other colors, we have a designer that has the perfect shade! Petal pink is such a delicate pink! It is the perfect shade of a light pink but does not look bubble gum or as if it belongs at a baby shower. This gorgeous pastel pink goes wonderfully with grays, black, navy and even tans! Dressing the men will be just as easy because petal pink will complement any suit or tuxedo!

There are such wonderful pallets of soft colors! If you are looking for a bright, fun color to add to your wedding pallet a soft yellow is just the one for you! Soft yellow is a beautiful shade of yellow without being overwhelming which can sometimes be hard to find. Working with a soft yellow in your wedding color pallet will be the perfect color to work off of, allowing you to add pops of bright vibrate colors! At Amelishan there are multiple designers that will have a color similar to the picture above as an option.

Another soft color that would work will with your wedding pallet is a sea foam green or a light mint. We love these colors simply because they go perfectly for a vintage or rustic themed wedding. With either of these colors you would be able to accent either subtle colors or bright bold colors! Your wedding pallet options could be endless!

Lindsay Madden Photography


Navy. Navy. NAVY! This color will forever be a classic color in the bridal industry! As you can see, navy is absolutely beautiful in fall and would be just as perfect in winter! Considering navy to be apart of your wedding color pallet will give you color freedom! Amelishan’s staff has found that navy looks beautiful with any color of flowers, but really pops when you have coral, orange, or yellow apart of the bouquets. If you are looking for a color that works well with almost
anything, navy is the color for you!

These photos are amazing examples of how to create an ombre look with your bridesmaid dresses! The colors are all within the same color family, and have some sort of similarity, which allows each dress to complement one another. For the above look, all of the bridesmaid dresses are going to have tulle, which pulls the dresses together. Below, all the dresses are chiffon and are actually the same dress, just different colors! Both looks are absolutely stunning!

Not to mention, the wonderful shades of purples and plums are the perfect color for a fall wedding. The warmth of any shade of purple will give your bridesmaid and wedding a fall feel without a doubt! Purples are such a fun color group to work with because you can customize your look with so many different colors!

Julie Wilhite Photography

We has fallen in love with neutrals this wedding season! Ivoryand champagne wedding gowns are complemented so beautifully next to any bridesmaid dress that is a neutral. Pictured above we have a beautiful ivory wedding gown next to fully beaded gown in taupe/pink.

Any type of grey is the perfect color to add to your wedding pallet! Grey can be complemented by multiple colors that would perfectly add that pop of color! On the other hand grey works beautifully with more pair with almost any color, grey is going to be the color for you! At Amelishan bridal, each bridesmaid vendor is going to carry at least one shade of grey, but most offer multiple shades! After looking through the different variations of grey, hopefully there will be one that will be the perfect addition to your wedding pallet!

K And K Photography

Within the past decade, black has become a color of the bridal industry. It is not uncommon for a bride to pick black for her bridesmaid dresses. Black is a wonderful color for a winter or fall wedding because the flowers in those seasons would add the perfect pop of color. Although many people may think that black is a non-traditional color to be apart of a wedding, black is the perfect addition to any wedding color pallet! Picking out colors for your wedding can be difficult, but in the end will be one of the first stepping-stones in creating your dream wedding!

With the largest selection of dresses in the Milwaukee area, Amelishan is the perfect place to aid you in deciding on wedding colors. Not only can we help you find your bridal gown, we can help you find the perfect pallet for your wedding day.


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